Leveling The Playing Field For Victims Of Auto Collisions, Bicycle Crashes And More.

Year: 2017

Auto Accidents Caused by Cell Phone Use

According to the most recent Annual Estimate of Cell Phone Crashes published by the National Safety Council in 2015, approximately 27 percent of the auto accidents that occurred in 2013 involved texting or talking on cell phones. That’s a total of 1.1 million auto...

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The Dangers of Highway Auto Accidents

Highway driving is essential for getting around the Bay Area. Many have lengthy commutes getting into San Francisco, the South Bay, other parts of the East Bay, and so forth. With so many people and so many cars, it's no surprise that highway auto accidents can be...

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Understanding the Causes of Brain Injury

Throughout the Bay Area, injury victims need a strong advocate for their legal rights. They have a legal ally at our Walnut Creek personal injury law firm. We help injury and accident victims everyday, offering expert counsel on complex cases. Brain injuries can have...

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