Why do I need a hazardous materials endorsement?

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If you drive a large truck that hauls hazardous materials, there are additional rules that you must follow when transporting your cargo. This is for the safety of yourself and everyone around you. If you should get into an accident, your cargo could pose a severe safety risk. That is why you must have your truck labeled as carrying hazardous materials. 

According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, you also need a HazMat endorsement on your CDL to be able to transport these materials within the state. As with any type of licensing, you will have to take a test to get the endorsement. The test will cover state and federal laws pertaining to the transportation of hazardous materials. 

Training and testing 

You must undergo special training, as well, every three years. This will help you to understand the risks of transporting such materials along with ensuring that you know and understand all applicable laws. Your employer should provide this training. Your employer must also keep records of the training. 

What you will learn 

You will learn not only about the potential dangers of the materials but also what to do in the event of a spill. You will learn about necessary permits you may need to travel in certain areas. Training will cover how to safely load your truck and transport the materials. You will learn about warning labels and signs that you must have on your truck. Training will also cover how to transfer your load once at your destination. You will learn everything you need to know to be safe when loading and hauling hazardous materials.