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Product Liability

A burning wire.

If you are injured because a tool, appliance, toy, bicycle, or air bag malfunctioned, you may have a product liability case. Product manufacturers, designers and distributors are held to legal standards that are meant to protect you, the consumer. The laws apply to all types of products, including prescription drugs and medical devices that cause injury or wrongful death. Personal injury attorney Scott Sumner aggressively takes on corporations and insurance companies to provide clients with full compensation.

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Scene of a traffic accident.

Traffic accidents are a primary cause of catastrophic injury and death, particularly when alcohol is involved. If you and your family are the victims of an auto accident or a truck or motorcycle crash, don’t be victimized again by an insurance adjuster. At Sumner Law, we know what to do after a car accident, understand your legal rights, and provide the strong representation that may be needed to ensure you are treated fairly. We seek full, high-dollar restitution for victims forced to deal with medical treatment, pain, loss of wages and other life-altering consequences.

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Bicycle Accidents

Scene of a bicycle accident.
When a bicycle is struck by a motor vehicle or another bike, the rider can sustain serious injuries to the brain, spinal cord, or other major organs. Many adults and children are seriously injured or killed on bikes each year. A post-accident fight for due compensation can add unnecessary stress, especially if the driver has fled the scene. Attorney Scott Sumner is a life-long cyclist and has personally experienced a severe injury accident on a bike. He is a strong legal advocate for bicycle accident victims, and has secured many substantial recoveries.
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Premises Liability/Slip and Fall

Caution sign on slippery, tile floor.
Whether in a store, park, office, or private home, visitors expect to feel safe from hazardous conditions. Premises liability laws hold owners accountable for injuries that occur because property was improperly maintained or adequate warnings were not posted. If you suffer a serious slip and fall or other premises liability injury, it is best to contact Sumner Law right away. Insurance adjusters can be counted on to minimize your losses, but we fight for your right to full compensation.
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Wrongful Death

Two people holding hands.
When negligent acts cause the death of a loved one, many families fight back with a wrongful death lawsuit. A senseless loss brings emotional devastation for the life partner, children, parents, and others, often accompanied by unexpected expenses and other tangible damages. At Sumner Law, we know money won’t bring a loved one back, but can ease financial burdens and help you move forward. We encourage clients to focus on healing and rebuilding, leaving the legal issues to us.
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Dog Bites

Angry, mean dog.
The attack of a dog can leave devastating and even fatal injuries, especially when small children are involved. California law places strict responsibility for dog bites on the owner of the animal, whether or not clear negligence is apparent. In some cases, a third party is negligent, such as a property owner who allows an unrestrained dog on the premises. Whether the case is simple or complex, our investigative skills and legal knowledge ensure the best possible outcome for dog bite clients.
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Public Entity Liability

Government building.
If the party that caused your injury or wrongful death is the federal or state government, it is important to seek the help of an experienced public entity attorney. These cases involve government-owned premises, state highways and roadways, or public employees and drivers. Citizens have every right to pursue civil justice against the government, but the rules of procedure must be closely followed. Statutes of limitations are short, so it is best to pursue legal help as soon as possible.
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Dram Shop Liability

If you or a loved one are injured because of a minor who was driving drunk, a lawyer can help you establish dram shop liability. This type of liability is unique in California because it can only be applied to those who serve obviously intoxicated minors. Depending on the details of your case, liability could extend to an establishment, bartender, or another party responsible for serving the alcohol that contributed to your accident. 

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