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It can happen to any of us – a sudden, devastating traffic accident. Minor collisions are inconvenient, but a high-speed accident can bring catastrophic, long-term effects. For victims of serious injury and loss, an experienced car accident attorney can make a substantial difference. In Walnut Creek, CA, Scott Sumner fights hard for injured clients, securing better outcomes with higher compensation awards. Scott Sumner has been assisting accident victims for over two decades, obtaining multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts. To schedule a free consultation, contact Sumner Law today.

About Auto Accidents

Cars that have been in an auto accident. Car accidents are a primary cause of death and severe injury in the state of California. Thousands of drivers and passengers are injured and killed each year in head-on collisions, side impacts, rollovers, and other common accidents. The effects of auto accidents can last a lifetime and impact the whole family. Serious injuries such as traumatic head injury and spinal cord injuries cause pain, immobility, and even the loss of ability to function normally or earn a living.  

Careless negligence or reckless driving is to blame for many serious accidents. Excessive speed, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and distracted driving are common causes. Sometimes, faulty equipment in the car causes or contributes to a crash, and product liability is involved. Compensation damages in an auto accident case usually include medical bills, lost wages, property loss, and may also include anticipated future expenses and pain and suffering.

In wrongful death cases, there is loss of companionship, support, household care and much more. Punitive damages may be awarded in cases involving grievous negligence, such as aggravated drunk driving.

Insurance Issues

If you have been involved in a serious auto accident, it is in your best interest to speak to an attorney before making formal statements to insurance adjusters. It is the role of the insurance representative to save the insurance company money if at all possible. He or she will seek to minimize your losses and exaggerate your role in the accident.

Scott Sumner is a respected attorney with a strong record of success. He likes to handle every case with compassion, fostering personal, one-on-one relationships with clients.

California follows a “pure comparative fault rule,” which allows victims to recover for damages even if they are at fault, but to a lesser degree. The more “at fault” the adjusters can show you to be, the less they may have to pay you. If you are the victim of an uninsured motorist or the opposing party is under-insured, your own insurance policy may be obligated to pay toward your claim. In these cases, there are additional adjusters to deal with, and their goal is also to pay as little as possible.

Effective Legal Help

With Sumner Law on your side, you have a strong advocate that understands what to do after a car accident, insurance tactics, and your legal rights. Calling upon a network of resources, we provide thorough accident reconstruction and forensics accounting services. We work hard to establish the facts of your accident as well as your immediate and long term damages.

Scott Sumner is a respected personal injury attorney with a strong record of success. He likes to handle every case with compassion, fostering personal, one-on-one relationships with clients. A sharp negotiator and proven trial attorney, he will fight for you and obtain the best possible compensation reward for you and your family.

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