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Premises_Liability1If you are injured on someone else’s property, such as in a store, public park, construction site or while on private property, you may be able to seek compensation under Premises Liability laws. Attorney Scott Sumner, of Sumner Law, Walnut Creek, CA, is a champion fighter for clients who are harmed because of negligent behavior by owners or tenants who allow unsafe conditions to exist on their property.

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At Sumner Law, we are very experienced helping clients who need to level the playing field against insurers and corporations. With two-and-one-half decades of experience battling for clients who were injured on someone else’s property, Attorney Scott Sumner is highly recognized for his skill at winning cases and bringing his clients millions of dollars in awards.

Property owners or occupiers have a legal responsibility to keep their property safe and free from dangerous conditions like cracked and uneven walkways,hidden defects, unreasonably slippery surfaces or floor coverings, and other hazards. They must either fix those problems promptly, or mark or post warning signs at known problem areas until they can be repaired. The goal is to keep passersby and others who visit their property safe from trips, falls or being injured by these hazards.

Walnut Creek Premises Liability Attorney

Jagged, dangerous stairs

Scott Sumner is a Walnut Creek Premises Liability Attorney serving people in Central and Northern California and in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. He helps people who have been injured while they were visiting someone else’s property. A strong advocate for his clients, Scott has fought hard against insurers and corporations that only want to minimize compensation and deny liability. He is widely recognized for his skill and winning track record, and is honored by peers as one of the Top 100 Personal Injury Lawyers in Northern California.

Scott has successfully helped clients recover millions of dollars following serious injuries or who have lost a loved one due to neglect of property conditions. Many injuries are serious ones affecting the head, neck, back or spine. Medical costs are enormous, and in some cases, people have suffered a wrongful death due to injuries received due to neglectful care of property.

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Dangerous, uneven sidewalk.

You should be able to shop, play, exercise and visit public and private spaces without danger of personal injury due to neglect of that property. Put the experience of a champion legal fighter on your side by calling Scott Sumner for honest legal advice and representation. Scott is an honest attorney who cares about you, your family and your future. Do not talk with insurance agents or others about your injuries; call Scott first and benefit from his talents, experience and impressive record of winning cases for his clients.

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