Explore bike paths in Walnut Creek

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Bike paths provide an opportunity to enjoy two-wheeled recreation without the risk of riding with automobile traffic. The city of Walnut Creek maintains a comprehensive bike map that details the many miles of routes around town.

If you love to exercise or spend time with family on your bicycle, review the rules and get the details about Walnut Creek bike paths.

Types of paths

The Walnut Creek Bike Map provides a guide to various types of bike paths in town as follows:

  • A shared bicycle route – caution, which traverses a multi-lane road along with significant vehicle traffic. Cyclists may ride on the sidewalks in these areas.
  • A shared bicycle route, which includes a public road with low traffic. Cyclists can ride in the right lane in the absence of a designated bike path.
  • Roads with dedicated bike lanes
  • Unpaved multi-use trails, which are open in daylight hours to bikes, pedestrians and horses
  • Paved shared-use paths, which have separated lanes for cyclists and walkers or runners

This information allows you to plan the safest route for your group or solo ride.

Bike trail regulations

The city maintains a speed limit of 15 miles per hour for cyclists on multi-use trails. When traveling on routes that overlap with public roadways, you must follow the same regulations that apply to motor vehicles. Remain as far to the right as possible when the route does not have a separate bike lane. Riding in the left can result in a serious auto accident.

Walnut Creek allows cyclists younger than 16 to ride on sidewalks at all times. Older riders can ride on sidewalks only when they are part of official city bike routes.