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Reputable Representation For The Injured In Northern California

A serious personal injury accident can leave you feeling hopeless or anxious, with many questions:

  • I have been out of work for months. Who’s going to pay for my mortgage and expenses?
  • I’ve got thousands of dollars in medical bills. How am I going to pay for that?
  • I have kids, but I can barely get out of bed. How am I going to take care of them?
  • The insurance company denied my claim. What do I do now?
  • The insurance company offered me a settlement, but I think it’s too low. What should I do?

Sumner Law in Walnut Creek has helped hundreds of clients address these pressing concerns and secure the compensation they need to move forward. Our personal injury practice serves Contra Costa County, the Bay Area and beyond.

Helping You Get Answers And Find Solutions

Trial attorney Scott Sumner has advocated for injury victims for 25 years. He has recovered multimillion-dollar settlements and judgments for those who have suffered:

Dangerous Or Defective Product Injuries

This is an area of law known as product liability. Scott has helped individuals recover compensation for injuries due to hazardous tools, appliances, toys, medical devices, prescription drugs and more. He has taken on large corporations and insurance companies – and won.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

If you or a family member is hurt in a car, truck, SUV or motorcycle crash, you have the right to recover compensation under the law. It is unwise to negotiate with an insurance company on your own. Let us protect your interests and fight to get you maximum compensation. We also help families recover from the wrongful death of a loved one.

Bicycle And Pedestrian Accident Injuries

When a bicycle is struck by a car, the rider is likely to suffer traumatic brain, spinal cord or other serious injuries. Attorney Scott Sumner is a lifelong cyclist and has personally experienced severe bicycle injuries. He knows what it takes to recover and get back on your feet after a bicycle or pedestrian accident.

Injuries From Unsafe Property

Patrons entering a hotel, restaurant, retail outlet or grocery store have the right to be free from hazardous conditions. If individuals get injured on a poorly maintained property, they can pursue a premises liability claim. Let us fight to recover full compensation for you.

Dog Bites

A dog attack can cause devastating and even fatal injuries, especially when small children are involved. Under California law, a dog owner is automatically responsible if their dog bites a person. We can use our experience to help you or your loved one recover for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and more.

Injuries On Government Property

Individuals injured on government-owned property or by the negligence of a government employee have the right to recover compensation. However, the rules are complex and you must file a notice of claim within six months of the accident. Let us use our experience and knowledge to fight for your right to justice and compensation.

Injuries Enabled By Negligent Liquor Establishments

If a drunk driver injured you, you may have a cause for action under the theory of dram shop liability against the restaurant, bar, or establishment or bartender who overserved that individual. A lawyer from Sumner Law has experience holding these negligent parties responsible.

Get A Free Personal Injury Consultation

Not sure if you have a claim? Not sure how an attorney can help? We always provide a free initial consultation and case evaluation. If you or a loved one was injured in any of the above scenarios, schedule a meeting with attorney Scott Sumner to discuss your case.

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