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Public Entity Liability

If you have been injured because of the negligence or fault of a state, local or even federal entity, you need the right legal help. This can be a dangerous highway, street or sidewalk, or it can be a public employee whose actions or inaction caused you harm. Examples include:

  • Unsafely designed and maintained roadways and highways
  • Guard rails and/or median barriers damaged or missing
  • Incorrect ditching or drainage causing water to pool on roadway
  • Obstacles close to roadway
  • Gravel on roadway
  • Missing or burned-out street lights
  • Pothole in roadway
  • Failure to warn of road hazards
  • Falling trees
  • Black ice
  • Unreasonable delay in repairing unsafe roadway conditions
  • Sight distance obstruction
  • Unsafe fixed objects
  • Drop off and dangerous shoulders
  • Dangerous sidewalks and walkways
  • Reckless employees and drivers

There are special rules, shorter time limits and complicated legal issues. These cases can be quite complex, because the laws often protect and favor the government over injured individuals.

The legal team at Sumner Law, led by Scott H.Z. Sumner, is ready to provide the services of a public entity attorney to ensure that your rights are well protected.

What Are Public Entities?

Legally speaking, a public entity is any government entity, including federal, local and state governments. Public entity cases can also apply to individuals who are injured on a government property because of fault or negligence. Slip-and-fall cases that occur on government property or collisions with city vehicles can all be placed in this category. The reach of the government, and the number of cases that fall under the umbrella of public entity injuries, is really quite broad.

Know Your Rights With The Help Of Sumner Law

Going to battle against the government when you have been injured is never an easy task. You have to know your rights and the laws that surround public entity cases. For instance, all city, federal and state governments have very brief statutes of limitation on personal injury cases. This means that waiting to call a public entity attorney can put your case in jeopardy, because you only have a little bit of time to get help.

With that said, you should not think that you don’t have the right to sue a public entity. Negligence, fraud, assault, battery, nuisance and defamation claims are all allowed against government entities. However, you must file the claim in the appropriate way in order to get your compensation. Unfortunately, the process is filled with loopholes and pitfalls that often cause inexperienced attorneys and their clients to lose the chance to recover for their losses.

To avoid this problem, you need an experienced attorney on your side when taking on the government. Sumner Law’s team is ready to help you fight for your rights and the compensation you deserve, even if the party at fault is the government. With the help of Sumner Law, you can level the playing field against government entities and receive personable, caring support during these difficult times. Don’t attempt to face the government on your own. Choose a public entity attorney for the best results.

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