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“I had the best possible experience with Sumner Law. Scott took great care of my case and made sure everything went as smoothly as possible. I know who to call when I need help!”

– Robert Langley, former client.

“It’s been a pleasure working with you. Sometimes legal people can be so stuffy and uptight. I enjoyed the seemingly seamless process. I enjoyed your sense of humor, consideration and thoughtfulness. So, so glad we reached an agreement. Thank you! Thank you!”

– Sincerely, Samona Jenkins, former client.

“I was represented by Mr. Sumner in a case involving a truck that had struck me while on my bicycle . His outstanding skillset included an in-depth legal understanding, an easy to understand approach and, most importantly, an ability to get me to verbalize my story. Even though the opposing council was excessively aggressive and, at times, insulting to me, Mr. Sumner maintained a respectful and sympathetic view of the trucker; always respectful and the way I wanted to be represented. Needless to say, even after 3 weeks of court days filled with evidence and testimony, a unanimous jury found the trucker at fault. Mr. Sumner is how all lawyers should behave, a pleasure to work with and someone, I hope never to have to call again for the right reason; I don’t ever want to experience the trauma I went through.”

– Steve Kemiji, former client.

“Mr. Sumner is recognized in the trial lawyer community as one of the top personal injury attorneys with an outstanding track record of getting justice for his clients. Highly recommended.”

– David Rosenthal, Rosenthal Law

“Scott fights zealously for his clients and is always on top of all the legal developments affecting his practice.”

– Alan Charles Dell’Ario, Certified Appellate Specialist

Highly Recommended

“Scott is an extremely skilled and knowledgeable personal injury attorney, a foremost California expert in liens, and a well-rounded person of integrity whose practice of law meets the highest ethical and professional standards.”

– Robert Frassetto, Frassetto Law LLP