How do you clear your name in a car accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2021 | Car Accidents |

A recent car accident caused massive damage to your vehicle, and perhaps you sustained a few injuries. To repair your car and take care of your medical bills, you must determine who bears fault for the accident. You do not feel wholly responsible for what happened. 

News 9 offers tips on proving the other driver caused the car accident. While you do not make the final decision in the matter, you may help build your case. 

Do not take the blame

Hopefully, you did not get caught up in the moment and apologize to the other driver directly after the accident. You do not know all the variables that contributed to the collision, so you do not know for sure whether to assume blame. 

Take images

Did you take images of the damage at the scene of the accident? If not, take pictures of your car and injuries. If you may do so safely, return to the scene of the accident to snap images of road signs, road conditions and the weather if it matches the conditions on the day of the accident. 

Check for camera footage

Businesses close to the accident scene may have security camera footage of the incident. Ask around to see if store owners recorded what transpired and if you may have a copy. 

Look into local traffic laws

Do you think speeding, tailgating or running a red light contributed to the accident? Research the most-recent local traffic laws in the area where the accident happened to see if they may help establish blame. You may need a legal professional’s help with this tip. 

Do your part to protect your right to compensation after a motor vehicle collision. You should not pay for another person’s mistakes.