Is drowsy driving risky?

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As a driver, you understand that distracted driving behaviors often create great dangers for all drivers on the road. But do you understand just how much of a risk each type of distracted driving behavior carries?

Drowsy driving is one of the riskiest forms of distraction on the road. But just why is it such a big problem for so many drivers?

The public perception of drowsy driving

The Sleep Foundation takes a look at the risks associated with drowsy driving. First of all, it affects a driver’s physical and mental state in a way very similar to intoxication. This alone boosts its risk level.  But what makes it more dangerous than intoxicated driving is the fact that it is still a widely accepted behavior.

Everyone knows that driving intoxicated is morally objectionable as well as illegal. You can get into huge trouble for DUI related crimes, including losing your license or even getting barred from entering other countries.

Drowsy driving, on the other hand, is often seen as a necessary evil created by the demands of modern society. Many people simply do not have the hours in a day to do everything they need or want to do and get enough rest on top of that. They choose to give up some sleep to get more things done, and hit the road drowsy the next day when they head to work.

The impact of drowsiness

But even a small amount of drowsiness can lead to issues like poor reflexes, low coordination and an inability to spot danger before you reach it. Thus, every tired driver on the road – of which there are many – poses the same risk as a DUI driver.