Helmet and bike cameras can be a cyclist’s best friend in a crash

| Sep 13, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents |

Bicyclists rarely come out of a crash with a vehicle with nothing more than a few scrapes. Injuries can be severe and even life-altering. Too often, however, these crashes occur in remote areas where there’s little traffic and – if you’re riding alone – no witnesses to back up your story. Some drivers may even leave the crash scene without providing their insurance or contact information.

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to get helmet and bike cameras that can record the scene even if you’re in no condition to do so. These cameras have gotten smaller, lighter and more affordable in recent years and provide clearer and wider-ranging views than they used to. Many cyclists attach them to both the front and back of their bikes and helmets.

What can a camera capture?

Some cameras capture wide angles, so even if a driver doesn’t strike you directly from behind, it may still be able to record what happened. It can also get a video of what the vehicle and driver looked like and the license plate information. 

Many cyclists find that having a visible camera on their helmets helps prevent potentially dangerous road rage incidents. A driver who might be prepared to go after you is likely to think twice if they see a GoPro mounted to your helmet recording the whole thing.

While no camera will frighten away a dog, at least it can capture video of the dog and perhaps even information on its tag if it attacks you. This can make it easier to hold the owner responsible.

If you’ve been injured by a motorist (or anyone) while biking, any video that you or someone riding with you or even near you captured can be extremely helpful in holding a negligent party responsible – both criminally and civilly.