3 reasons grieving families file wrongful death lawsuits

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2023 | Wrongful Death |

Losing a loved one unexpectedly is one of the most traumatic experiences an individual can experience. An entire family unit may end up struggling with grief and other hardships when someone dies suddenly. A wrongful death lawsuit is potentially an option for those who have recently lost a family member due to the intentional behavior or negligence of another party. It is possible to pursue a wrongful death claim against either a business or an individual directly implicated in someone’s death.

There are those who consider such claims crass, but there are three very valid reasons why families pursue wrongful death lawsuits after losing a loved one. In most cases, a wrongful death lawsuit may be one of the best options available to those adjusting to life after a tragedy. Why do people choose to file a lawsuit after someone dies?

To cover immediate financial losses

A fatal car crash or a house fire caused by a defective product will cause massive financial losses for those left behind after the tragedy. Hospital bills, funeral expenses and property damage losses from the incident could add up to tens of thousands of dollars or even more. Oftentimes, insurance coverage will be insufficient to fully reimburse grieving families for those costs. A wrongful death lawsuit is not subject to policy limits and can therefore provide more thorough compensation than a basic insurance claim for the direct costs generated by a sudden death.

To offset future financial challenges

Losing a loved one will almost inevitably mean that there will be future financial hardships for the household beyond the immediate expenses generated by the fatal incident. There will be a lifetime of lost wages to consider, as well as the loss of someone’s companionship and household services. A wrongful death lawsuit can potentially allow those directly impacted by someone’s untimely passing to seek compensation for the long-term economic impact of losing an immediate family member beyond just the hospital invoices and funeral costs that insurance would likely cover.

To provide closure

Particularly in cases where the state could not pursue criminal charges against the responsible party, a wrongful death lawsuit may be the most effective means of giving a family closure. Having the courts declare that a business or individual caused someone else’s death can help people move on and feel as though justice has been served in their case.

Those who pursue a wrongful death lawsuits as allowed by the state can minimize the hardship their family has to suffer while simultaneously imposing consequences on the party that caused the tragedy. In these ways, exploring a wrongful death lawsuit may be one of the best options available to those grieving the preventable loss of a loved one.