5 reasons auto accidents happen at night

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Car accidents happen all the time, not just after dark – but there’s no denying that driving at night is inherently more dangerous than driving during daylight hours. 

The following are some common causes of nighttime auto accidents:

1. Speeding

Many people speed at night. This may be because there is less traffic and drivers may believe they are less likely to be caught by law enforcement. Speeding limits driver’s ability to control their cars, however. If a speeding driver suddenly had to stop their car, it would take longer to slow down. Drivers would also find it more difficult to control their vehicles to avoid obstacles if they were speeding.

2. Drunk driving

Many people drink late at night at bars, so the chances of encountering a drunk driver rise after dark. Alcohol impairs many senses necessary for safe driving. A drunk driver may have less focus and poor judgment. Furthermore, a drunk driver may struggle to see in darker settings. 

3. Drowsiness

People who work late shifts or have driven without breaks may develop drowsiness. Drowsiness has many of the same symptoms as drunkenness. A drowsy driver may also fall asleep behind the wheel and lose control of their vehicle. 

4. Bright lights

While drivers have natural night vision, it can often be impaired by bright lights. A driver could be blinded by another car using their high beams. A driver could also impair their vision by looking at their phone screens. 

5. Unfamiliar roads

Sometimes people have to drive on unfamiliar roads. While GPS may help guide people through these roads, the dark makes it impossible to easily spot obstacles in the terrain. For example, backroads may have many hills, unrepaired roads and wildlife that can create dangers at night — and an unexpected vehicle may be the most dangerous when driving on unfamiliar roads.

An auto accident can cause victims to suffer from severe injuries, medical bills and losses. If a driver is seeking compensation, they may benefit from learning about their legal rights.