Why a TBI can last forever

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A traumatic brain injury (TBI) could result in the death of neurons, which are the nerve cells in your brain. These are very fragile cells, as the brain is a fragile organ, and it could be damaged in the event that you experience a head injury – such as striking your head on the pavement after being hit by a vehicle on your bike.

Oftentimes, a traumatic brain injury results in immediate symptoms, such as a loss of consciousness, dizziness, mental confusion and potentially the loss of certain skills. Some people find it difficult to balance or think of the right words in the wake of sustaining such harm. Others struggle with creating new memories and/or may struggle to recall old memories. Brain injuries are often different from case to case, as the severity and location of one’s harm impacts the aftermath of incurring that harm.

After such an injury, some level of healing is usually possible. Some people do make a full recovery. But others have symptoms for life, as a traumatic brain injury could lead to a permanent disability. Why can this kind of harm last so long?

Brain cells are different than other types of cells

Certain types of brain cells are distinct from other cells which can divide and replicate. Your body can create new blood cells or skin cells, for example. If you suffer a physical injury, it generates the cells needed to help you heal. There are some parts of the brain where it appears that new neurons can be created. This has been studied by scientists over the decades, but it is difficult to study because it does not happen often. It also only happens in a few specific parts of the brain, so these cells cannot be created everywhere.

When the brain cannot broadly create the new cells needed to repair damage, it then begins to look for new neural pathways. These are a means of transporting electrical impulses and information throughout the brain. So, the limits on healing may be defined by how many new neural pathways can be found or created. There are situations where the brain simply cannot use other pathways, and so an injury remains.

For these reasons, and a host of others, experiencing an injurious accident can be a life-changing event. If you have been seriously injured, you’ll want to seek prompt medical attention and legal guidance to better safeguard your interests overall.