Leveling The Playing Field For Victims Of Auto Collisions, Bicycle Crashes And More.

Year: 2021

Why so many crashes occur at intersections

Different roads have different risks. Highways have heavy traffic traveling at high speeds. The risk is always there for someone to lose control of their vehicles and cause a crash. Surface streets often seem safer because people travel at slower speeds. However, the...

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How to safely bicycle at night

If you ride your bicycle on a regular basis, then you may find yourself riding after the sun sets. Even if you typically ride your bike during the day, you should understand how to do so safely at night. Whether you are in an urban or rural environment, riding a...

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How dangerous is eating while driving?

Distracted driving of all varieties is very dangerous. While the titular distracted driver may be the teenager trying to post to social media while operating a moving motor vehicle, this is likely not the most common form of distracted driving. Millions of Americans...

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