How to safely bicycle at night

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents |

If you ride your bicycle on a regular basis, then you may find yourself riding after the sun sets. Even if you typically ride your bike during the day, you should understand how to do so safely at night.

Whether you are in an urban or rural environment, riding a bicycle at night comes with a certain set of risks.

Ride cautiously

It can be more difficult to spot hazards in the dark. Even a route that is familiar during the day can hold unexpected obstacles, such as potholes or debris. If it is raining, then your visibility can be further compromised, and the road may be slick.

Slow down when visibility decreases so you can spot hazards early and stay alert during your ride. When possible, stay on well-lit paths and familiar routes. Tell someone where you are going and bring a cell phone in case of an emergency.

Use safety equipment

When biking at night, you should use the proper equipment, including lights and reflectors. These increase your visibility and can alert other people to your presence, aiding your safety. Wear a helmet and other protective gear and remember that it is often much cooler at night, so you may need additional layers of clothing to feel comfortable.

While it is often advisable to ride a bike during the day whenever possible, you may find that riding at night is unavoidable. By using the right equipment and using extra caution, you can increase your chances of having a safe trip.