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Dealing with an angry driver

Anything from a slow driver to traffic can be a source of frustration when driving. However, being the target of an aggressive driver is not only a stressful but dangerous situation. Road rage drivers are unpredictable and may completely disregard other people’s...

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5 reasons auto accidents happen at night

Car accidents happen all the time, not just after dark – but there’s no denying that driving at night is inherently more dangerous than driving during daylight hours.  The following are some common causes of nighttime auto accidents: 1. Speeding Many people speed at...

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Why a TBI can last forever

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) could result in the death of neurons, which are the nerve cells in your brain. These are very fragile cells, as the brain is a fragile organ, and it could be damaged in the event that you experience a head injury – such as striking your...

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Where are a truck’s blind spots?

Most drivers know that it is not a good idea to stay too close to large trucks on roadways. However, avoiding trucks is not always an option. Being aware of where truck blind spots are and how to maneuver around them safely may help you avoid dangerous situations. Due...

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