What are the biggest dangers for pedestrians?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2020 | Pedestrian Accidents |

California has been making improvements in recent years for pedestrian safety. However, it is a large state with a dense population in many cities. This is a recipe for disaster, especially when cars and pedestrians mix. Today we will break down some of the biggest dangers pedestrians may face while out and about. 

The first danger is the time of day. Statistics show that the highest number of fatal pedestrian accidents happen between 6PM and 8:59PM. This is not to say that other times of day are danger-free. Still, it does show that certain times of day pose a higher risk to those traveling on foot. Many speculate this time aligns with dinner-time rush. Drivers want to get home and often have a lower attention span. 

The second danger is location. Some roads and crosswalks are simply more risky than others. For crosswalks, the worst ones are often: 

  • Lacking any proper indication that it is a crosswalk (i.e. white lines) 
  • Lacking lights or other signs showing drivers that they are not allowed to cross 
  • Without any sort of protection for pedestrians against oncoming vehicles 
  • Difficult to see 

Roads designed without pedestrians in mind can wreak havoc as well. This includes areas of road where the sidewalk disappears. It also includes places without official crosswalks that force pedestrians to cross busy streets. 

Unfortunately, roads are still more dangerous for pedestrians than anyone else. If you want to keep reading about pedestrian traffic issues, follow the link here. It will bring you to our web page on pedestrian and bicycle accidents, which has plenty of useful information.