Head on crash causes victim to be airlifted for help

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2020 | Car Accidents |

For people who receive injuries in car accidents, the damages can be severe. This is especially true for people who are in accidents with big trucks like semis. The sheer weight of the truck alone makes accidents with large trucks more fatal than most other car accidents. 

Such is the case for one person who sustained injuries from a head-on collision with a semi on Thursday morning. 

Car accident with semi-truck leaves man in need of help 

According to Victor Valley News, one person required an airlift early Thursday morning as the result of a head-on collision with a semi-truck. When firefighters arrived on the scene in Lucerne Valley, they found a small sedan with significant body damage as well as a tractor-trailer laying on its side. 

Firefighters requested an airship to free a passenger trapped in the vehicle. After a successful extrication, the passenger flew to Desert Regional Hospital. Authorities are still investigating the cause for the accident and no further information is available. 

Accidents leave victims with long-lasting consequences 

For people who have sustained injuries during a motor vehicle accident it can take months, or even years, to completely heal. Not only does the physical trauma take time to recuperate from, but lasting emotional trauma may be an issue as well. For people who have received injuries because of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, it may be a good idea to find out what options are available for compensation. There may be additional resources available to help with things like medical bills, lost wages and emotional distress.