4 ways to keep your phone down behind the wheel

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Car Accidents |

As mobile phones have become a staple in society, they also remain a major distraction to drivers. When you use them for both professional and personal matters, they can be hard to put down, no doubt. But, to preserve the safety of you and everyone you share the road with, you should commit to putting your phone away while driving.

Whether you drive for a living or just got your license yesterday, distracted driving is dangerous. When you take your eyes off the road, driving at any speed can turn into a disastrous and painful collision in a matter of seconds. Simply keeping your phone away or using it hands-free can help save you from an accident. Below are four tips for keeping the road your main focus while you drive.

Put it away

This may seem like common sense. But as with many of life’s distractions — if your phone is out is out of sight, then the thought of using it will stay out of mind. So, instead of having your phone in your pocket or close within reach, consider putting it in your trunk, backseat or in a locked compartment.

Pull your car over

Sometimes emergency situations arise. If you are expecting a certain call that you don’t want to miss, then you might want to have your phone close by with the volume on full blast. But it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not only dangerous to be holding your phone and having a conversation while you drive, but it’s also unlawful in the state of California. Instead, you should try and pull over to a safe spot, stop the car completely and then take the call or respond to a text if it can’t wait until your reach your destination.

Use text-blocking apps

While many friends and family members appreciate when you promptly respond to them, if you are driving, any loved one will understand your delayed text message. To fight the urge to check texts on the road, there are plenty of apps that can block incoming texts or other phone capabilities as you drive. And when someone is expecting your arrival, there are mapping apps you can use to share your location with your friends from the beginning to the end of your route.

Go hands-free

Hands-free technology like Bluetooth or CarPlay can also wind up being a distraction. But, there are ways you can use communication, mapping and music apps more cautiously behind the wheel. For example, making a phone call by voice through Bluetooth or speakerphone allows you to keep both hands on the wheel through the whole process. Plus, taking measures to program addresses into your GPS or queueing songs or podcasts ahead of time can help you use these features while still dedicating almost all of your attention to the road.

No matter how hard it can be to put your phone down at times, waiting until you aren’t driving can prevent your next text from being your last.