How can I ride a motorcycle safer with a passenger?

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Driving a motorcycle is a lot of fun, so it is only natural you would want to share the joy with a friend or partner. However, operating a motorcycle with a passenger on the back is different than riding solo.

You must understand how to safely ride with a passenger before committing. According to Riide Now, setting up ground rules with your passenger prior to getting on the bike is paramount when ensuring your safety and theirs.

What are some good passenger rules? 

First, ensure that your passenger understands to never take their feet off of the foot pegs or rest intended for the passenger. Many passengers try to mimic the driver when the driver puts down their feet, but this unbalances the motorcycle.

Passengers also need to understand that they have a certain amount of responsibility when behind you. For instance, enacting a full body stretch when you are going around a curve is not a good idea. The passenger’s body should be mimicking the driver’s body and moving in tandem.

How can I drive to better accommodate a passenger? 

If your passenger is new to motorcycling, it is best to start off slow. Take your passenger to a parking lot or relatively traffic-free road and do a few loops to acclimate your passenger to the motion of your bike.

You may also wish to instruct your passenger on what they should do with their hands. Make sure the passenger knows where any passenger handlebars are if passenger handlebars exist on your bike, or that they can brace their hands against the gas tank when stopping. You do not want your passenger to push you forward in your seat when you come to a stop.