How do you identify severe concussions?

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California drivers risk suffering from head injuries during a crash. They are one of the most common injuries that drivers and passengers suffer from. Of these injuries, concussions are among the most likely you will face.

Concussions can vary in severity and intensity. If you are suffering from symptoms, know which ones may point to a more severe injury.

Mild vs severe concussive symptoms

Mayo Clinic looks at traumatic brain injuries, of which there are many symptoms. These symptoms differ based on the injury’s severity. You can determine the injury’s severity based on the type of symptom you have. You can also tell based on how much this symptom affects you.

For example, more mild concussions often come with headaches. You may have a brief period of unconsciousness. You may also experience some dizziness, vertigo or nausea. But these symptoms often last hours or days.

Notable signs of a bad concussion

More severe concussions can include long periods of unconsciousness. You may suffer from an inability to sleep well. You may experience sensory disorders. This can include tinnitus, or a ringing of the ears. You may also smell and taste things in a different way. You might have crippling head pain. This pain may render you immobile or unable to open your eyes. In the most severe cases, you might also experience clear fluid draining from your ears or nose.

Head injuries also cause issues with mental clarity. This can make it hard for individuals to realize they are having a problem. It is often up to your loved ones to notice the signs. They can then get you to a doctor for treatment.