What should you say to your insurance agent after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Despite being a careful driver, you found yourself involved in an accident with another California motorist. You suffered minor injuries and think you may require medical attention. How should you communicate with your insurance agent to better your chances of receiving approval for your claim? 

USA Today dives into the issue. Educate yourself on protecting your claim and your health. 

Do not assume blame

Perhaps you feel responsible for the accident. Hopefully, you did not verbally admit fault to the other driver at the scene of the incident. The other driver may bear partial responsibility, or you may only bear partial blame. Either way, let your insurance agent and the police investigate the matter to determine which factors contributed to the accident. Even if you bear a small percentage of fault for the accident, that may not disqualify you from receiving compensation. 

Get medical attention

While over-the-counter medication and bed rest may prove sufficient for addressing your injuries, you could have delayed symptoms of more severe injuries. Have a physician examine you, so you know whether you need more intensive care. Your insurance company may grow suspicious of any injury claims you make that a doctor does not substantiate. 

Refrain from guessing

When a claims agent contacts you for more information about the accident, stick to the facts. Do not guess if you are unsure of an answer. It is OK to say, “I do not know.” Rather than offer specific details you are unsure of, offer an estimate. 

Also, do not provide more information than your agent asks for when answering questions. You may think extra details strengthen your claim, but they could do the exact opposite.