Cyclists deserve better 

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents |

Every year, nearly 40,000 people die in car accidents. Roughly 2 percent of these are cyclists. That may sound like it’s not that many, but it’s at least 800 deaths per year, or more than two deaths every single day. 

Plus, those statistics are just considering those who pass away in these accidents. Many more are injured, sometimes in ways that are life-changing. A cyclist with a spinal cord injury may never walk again, for instance, while one with a traumatic brain injury may see their whole personality change in irreversible ways that impact their careers, their personal relationships and much more. 

To add to the problem is the fact that, for adults, the issue is just getting worse. Children who ride bikes are dying less often, which is tremendously good news, but adult cyclist fatality rates tripled from 1975 to 2019. That’s a massive increase and really shows just how dangerous the road has become. 

These are the risks you face

Every time you ride, you face these types of risks, and it’s certainly not fair. Cyclists deserve far better. They are legally allowed to use the roads, but there are simply not enough safety systems keeping them out of danger. Some are commuters, others ride for fitness and still others compete in road races. All of them deserve to have a safe space to ride without worry, but none of them get it. 

If you get injured in a bicycle accident, make sure you’re well aware of the legal options you have. You may be able to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages or even funeral costs if a loved one is killed.