What are the various causes of truck crashes?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

Sharing the roads with a tractor-trailer is a normal fact of life, but it’s also very risky. There’s a chance that one of these large vehicles will become involved in a crash. This can lead to innocent people getting hurt or even killed. 

The causes of truck crashes vary greatly, but determining the cause is important when the victim decides to seek compensation. Some of the causes include:

Bad road conditions

The road conditions have a primary role in how the tractor-trailer handles. Wet or slick conditions can lead to longer stopping distances. Foggy conditions make it difficult to see, which is a major issue because of the already large blind spots that surround the truck.

Trucker error

Truckers have to drive safely, so they don’t damage their cargo or hurt anyone. Truckers who are distracted, fatigued or drunk may cause crashes. They also have to ensure that they’re watching out for other drivers on the road, so they don’t inadvertently strike them.

Maintenance or equipment issues

Everything on the truck and trailer must be in good working order. Anything that’s amiss can cause the rig to not work properly. Think about things like how hard it would be to stop a full-size tractor-trailer without properly functioning brakes. 

Anyone who’s struck by a truck may be facing serious injuries. Getting medical care is important, especially when there’s a chance that the injury is life-threatening. If the crash was the trucker’s fault, you might choose to seek compensation for the impact of the wreck. This may help you to recover the money for medical bills and other related expenses.