What is hydroplaning and how can it be avoided? 

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Increased possibilities of rainfall during fall can catch many road users off guard. Rainfall can present numerous different hazards, with one of them being water collecting on the surfaces of the road. 

Increased volumes of water on road surfaces can lead to hydroplaning, which in turn may result in a higher potential for road traffic accidents. As a result, it is worth considering exactly what hydroplaning is and how it may be avoided. 

What is hydroplaning?

In short, hydroplaning involves the wheels and tires of a motor vehicle skidding across a wet surface. The tread on the tires becomes unable to displace the water, which means a drastic loss in traction. At higher speeds, water can even force tires to leave the ground slightly, which can cause a driver to completely lose control of the vehicle. 

Hydroplaning can occur whenever the road surface has a layer of water on top of it. Additionally, water frequently mixes with small amounts of oil, creating an extremely dangerous surface. As hydroplaning could mean that a driver momentarily has no control over their vehicle, the potential for accidents is significant. 

How can hydroplaning be avoided?

The only way to guarantee no hydroplaning is by having no surface water on the roads. Obviously, this is out of the control of road users. However, there are a number of measures that drivers can take to reduce the chances of hydroplaning causing an accident. 

Reducing your speed is one of the most effective ways to negate the risk of hydroplaning. It is commonly believed that hydroplaning is most likely to occur at speeds over thirty miles per hour. Another useful method to tackle hydroplaning is simply to avoid areas where water is lying. Importantly, this can only be done where safe and practical to do so. Finally, ensuring that your tires are in optimal condition can go a long way towards reducing the chances of hydroplaning accidents. 

Understanding how hydroplaning works, as well as safety measures to prevent it, could ensure your safety. In the unfortunate event that you have been injured in a vehicular accident, there may be legal options open to you.