Spring tips for motorcyclists to remain safe

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month is almost over, but there’s still time to remind motorcyclists and others about some safety tips that can help motorcyclists to make it to their destination without an incident occurring.

Motorcyclists know that safety has to be a priority. They should ensure they have the proper safety gear and that their motorcycle is in good condition. Brushing up on traffic laws can also help them to remain safe. But, their safety depends largely on the behavior of others.


Other drivers need to be sure they’re watching for motorcycles on the road. It’s easy to miss these vehicles since they have such a small profile, so taking an extra look around intersections and when there are obstacles nearby is beneficial. All motorists also need to ensure they give motorcyclists the right of way they’re due. The vast majority of vehicle versus motorcycle crashes are due to the driver improperly claiming the right of way from the motorcyclist.


Homeowners and people who care for a yard near a street need to ensure they don’t blow grass clippings on the roadway. Clippings are a major hazard to motorcyclists because they become slick like ice. Motorcyclists may be stuck trying to decide if they’ll chance driving over the grass clippings or venturing into the oncoming traffic lane. Both options are dangerous.

Motorcyclists who are involved in a crash are at great risk of injury. If injured, the motorcyclist may opt to pursue a claim for compensation to help them cover that medical care. They can also include other damages, such as missed wages, in their claim. There’s a limited time to get this done, so they must act quickly after the wreck.