3 things drivers should know about cyclists

On Behalf of | May 2, 2023 | Bicycle Accidents |

Cycling has been and continues to be a common mode of transport and exercise. The government and institutions do their best to ensure cyclists achieve their goals. However, despite observing safety measures, negligent drivers may endanger cyclists. One of the reasons they may do this is disregarding them as equal road users.

Here are three things many cyclists wish drivers knew.

Most cyclists are drivers

A significant percentage of cyclists are drivers. They may choose to cycle to work or run errands on certain days. This means they understand the experiences of a driver and would yield to a cyclist if they were driving.

Cyclists don’t always have to use the bike lane

Some drivers believe they have a right over a cyclist not using the bike lane. However, this is not true. Cyclists are not obliged to use the bike lane – they can use any public road as long as they keep up with the flow of traffic.

Undoubtedly, these lanes ensure safety, but in some instances, a cyclist may need to get on the road. For example, when the lane is obstructed by a vehicle.  Further, some bike lanes have poor surfaces or glass, which is dangerous. Thus, while cyclists should use the bike lane for safety, this is not always practical, and drivers should be willing to share the road with them.

There is a safe distance between cars and cyclists

Drivers should keep a safe distance between their vehicle and a bicycle. The recommended distance is not less than three feet. This distance should be maintained until the driver can overtake the bicycle. Such a distance allows a driver to maneuver safely without hitting the cyclist.

Drivers and cyclists can use the same road safely by considering the factors mentioned above. If you have been injured by a negligent driver, it will be best to consider your options to protect your rights.