2 causes of road rage 

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For some people, driving can feel like a relaxing activity. For others, driving is a means to an end on the daily commute. Nonetheless, the reality is that driving takes a lot out of human beings, who aren’t built to travel at such speeds. 

When the stress of driving becomes too much, drivers can act out in aggressive ways. This is often referred to as road rage. Road rage is by no means a minor issue, it is a serious safety concern. Some studies suggest that aggressive driving plays a role in over 50% of all fatal road traffic collisions

What causes road rage? 

The feeling of being anonymous 

Much like the online world, drivers often feel anonymous behind the wheel of their vehicle. They have a safety net that nobody can penetrate. This emboldens some people to act in ways that they otherwise would not. For example, shouting, screaming at other vehicles, making rude hand gestures, honking the horn etc. Erratic behavior like this from drivers has the potential to place everyone on the roads at risk. 

Tight deadlines 

People drive because they have somewhere they need to be. For some, they may just be picking up groceries, so there really is no time limit. Others, on the other hand, may have urgent appointments that they need to attend. Or, they may need to be at work by a certain time or risk being disciplined for being late. It is not uncommon for some drivers to believe that their own journey is the only one that matters. Other vehicles are simply obstacles that they need to get past, at any cost, including by acting aggressively. 

Road rage is potentially a form of negligent or reckless driving. If you have been hurt by the aggressive actions of someone else, personal injury compensation could be a viable option.