Serious spinal cord injuries can disrupt intimate relations

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2024 | Car Accidents |

A severe spinal cord injury is sometimes a tragic consequence of motor vehicle accidents. As you may know, they can profoundly impact many aspects of your life, including intimate relationships.

The physical limitations and emotional challenges that often accompany spinal cord injuries can strain the closest of bonds. Knowing about them early in your journey can prepare you for what to expect.

Physical restrictions

The physical impact of a spinal cord injury can vary greatly, but many experience a loss of sensation and function below the level of injury. It means your injury may introduce obstacles in the physical expression of intimacy in your marriage or domestic relationship.

Reproduction hurdles

The goal of most couples is to have kids and grow the family. However, reproducing after a spinal cord injury sometimes presents challenges. 

Men may face erectile dysfunction and reduced sperm motility. Women can generally still bear children but may be vulnerable to complications due to a spinal cord injury. The emotional despair this creates can be devastating to you and your family.

Non-economic damages

Under Civil Code Section 3333, California allows victims to recover non-economic damages (or pain and suffering) when severely impacted by negligent injuries. These damages cover hard-to-quantify effects of an injury, including loss of consortium, which means lost affection and normal marital relations.

Address loss of consortium in your injury claim

With experienced guidance, you can address the devastating personal effects of a spinal cord injury. The compensation you obtain can assist with medical treatment and your efforts to rebuild and strengthen intimate relationships (couples counseling, etc.).