Leveling The Playing Field For Victims Of Auto Collisions, Bicycle Crashes And More.

Bicycle Accidents

Why don’t drivers like cyclists?

You have probably seen countless examples of drivers who just seem to have animosity toward cyclists. Maybe you’ve had drivers honk their horns at you, or you’ve had them tailgate you when there’s no room to pass. Maybe you simply heard about the recent story where a...

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How to safely bicycle at night

If you ride your bicycle on a regular basis, then you may find yourself riding after the sun sets. Even if you typically ride your bike during the day, you should understand how to do so safely at night. Whether you are in an urban or rural environment, riding a...

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Making bike lanes safer

The presence of a bike lane may make you feel safer as a cyclist, but the actual statistics paint a more sobering picture. While bike lanes encourage people to ride, they may not protect the cyclist as much as they should depending on what the bike lane actually...

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How to choose the right bike helmet

Wearing a bike helmet can dramatically reduce your risk of traumatic brain injury in a crash. Helmets certified by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission meet federal standards for safety.  In addition to looking for safety certification, review these tips to...

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