Leveling The Playing Field For Victims Of Auto Collisions, Bicycle Crashes And More.

Bicycle Accidents

How To Protect Young Pedestrians

Pedestrians are at risk for serious injury as they use crosswalks and interact with traffic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that nearly 6,000 pedestrians died in 2017 as a result of being struck by a vehicle and many more received serious...

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Explore bike paths in Walnut Creek

Bike paths provide an opportunity to enjoy two-wheeled recreation without the risk of riding with automobile traffic. The city of Walnut Creek maintains a comprehensive bike map that details the many miles of routes around town. If you love to exercise or spend time...

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How can I bicycle safely in the rain?

If you bicycle regularly, understanding how to do so in the elements is vital. No matter where you live, it is likely that a rainy day or two will happen to you. Riding a bike in the rain is different than doing so during fine weather. According to Map My Run, If you...

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Stay safe cycling on rainy days

It is more important than ever that cyclists stay vigilant about safety measures while cycling in urban areas. With more people exploring the benefits of cycling to work, accidents also become more prevalent. Of the multiple causes of cycling accidents, hazardous road...

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Bicycle Accidents and Defective Tires

Riding a bicycle is a great way to get exercise, and in some cities, it is the most efficient form of transportation. But biking is not without danger, and riders have to be careful to stay safe while riding a bicycle among passenger cars and trucks. Accidents do...

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